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Husqvarna Install Time Lapse

This video was made when I was still a Robin Autopilot franchise. We are no longer operating under that license but are now independently Robo Lawn Salon. This gives a good idea on what it takes and WHY the installation can be a little expensive as it requires a lot of long hard work hours. 

Husqvarna Automower

The most advanced and equipped model on the market and the perfect choice to achieve a up to 3.6” cutting height in gardens up to 1.25 acres with greater challenges. Handles demanding, complex and separated lawn areas with more than one passage. Max. incline 45 %. Features GPS assisted navigation, remote object detection, GPS theft tracking and X-line design with LED headlights. Equipped with remote supervision through Automower® Connect. 

Worx Landroid





All robots come with GPS tracking.

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